Naturally Expressive Leaders’ central mission is to use expressive arts, mindfulness, and restorative practices to empower individuals and organizations to achieve greater levels of resiliency, productivity, and equity. To do this, Naturally Expressive Leaders utilizes an interdisciplinary approach which integrates, expressive arts, focused awareness, restorative justice, and participatory action research to promote social emotional learning, stress resiliency, and social advocacy.


ActivationWe believe that to generate change individuals and organizations must be open to activating their strengths and harnessing their talents. Our power of expression program and our professional development workshops offer youth and adults opportunities to become active agents for change within their communities.

Creation: Our innovative team members believe that in order to initiate individual or community change people must first learn to harness their innate creative abilities . Through our Expressive arts workshops and retreats Naturally Expressive Leaders uses dance, poetry, and visual art as a means of empowering individuals to develop a greater capacity for creation.

Exploration: At Naturally Expressive Leaders we encourage participants to explore and strengthen their connection between the internal self and the external world in which they live. One way Naturally Expressive Leaders promotes this exploration is through our Nature of movement program as well as our community workshops.

Integration: The first step to self-care and healing from trauma is learning to integrate the events of the past into the present moment. Naturally Expressive Leaders offers workshops centered on mindful living and individual healing to assist participants in integrating their past experiences into the present moment as a means of creating an opportunity to grow a successful future.