Programs for youth and adults


Power of Expression

The Power of Expression is a 3 month program that focuses on promoting youth voice while providing tangible tools to assist youth in advocating for social justice. We support students to cultivate self leadership skills through the use of evidence based mindfulness practices, poetry, visual art, and dance. The over arching goal of this the program is to increase student engagement by enguaging students in the creation of action research projects with a focus on social equity and community reformation


Mindful Self-Care 101

This workshops provides participants with a space to reflect on what it means to have a meaningful and effective self care practice and can take place as a one day training or over the course of several weeks. During the process participants spend time exploring their personal triggers, individual sources of stress, and designing personalized self care plans using evidence based mindfulness practices. 


Heart to Art: Cultivating Creative CONVERSATION

This one day workshop allows participants to use expressive arts as a means of personal growth and communal healing. The process incorporates hands on activities, dialog, and community building activities as a means of creating individual action plans and promoting self awareness. Topics include stress management, goal setting, mindfulness, dance therapy, and more.