Our trauma sensitive Approach Integrates arts, mindfulness, and Restorative practices to promote personal and communal resilience.


We are dedicated to supporting the development of emotionally intelligent leaders by providing them with platforms to share their personal and communal stories as a means of exploring and transforming the impacts of both personal and vicarious trauma in their communities. 

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 Created In Collaboration With Encina High School, Mutual ASSISTANCE Network, and The Black CHild Legacy Campaign 


At Naturally Expressive Leaders we recognize that often times trauma is not a singular event, but rather is often the product of reoccurring lived experiences that lead to disregulated responses to stress. This, being the reality that many of our students and families live day to day, we work with them to learn methods of using the body and creativity as mediums to foster resilience and self-efficacy, our objective is to reduce conflict and enhance safety. 

Our approach provides participants with tools for increasing stress resiliency while exploring creative modalities of civic engagement, personal growth, and community empowerment.


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